A retrospective view


The very first size S prototype in 2012, made for 26" wheels

… and the first size M prototype with 650B wheels

Test rides out in the woods

Hello and welcome to our recently launched website and brand new blog. We´re glad you stopped by and hope the information you find on these pages makes you curious about Monk Bicycles. Our frames, the bikes and the service we offer. This blog will be used as a news section to keep you posted on the latest info, products and happenings right here from the foothills of the Harz Mountains (Germany). I will do my best to come up with some interesting reads and hopefully inspiring thoughts for all of you who worship the drop-bar mountain bike and riding on unpaved tracks.

Before I move on to more recent news I want to show some of our very first bikes that were created in 2012/13. Back then, driven by a few ideas I had in my mind for years and looking for requirements in bicycles that I could not find in the (European) market, I decided to start Monk Cycles. I wanted to establish the drop-bar mountain bike concept in Germany / Europe. The drop-bar mountain bike is a reasonable concept for so many reasons, but unfortunately in Europe it was still very unknown and thus well underrepresented. Besides beeing a fan of drop-bars on off-road bicycles, I also believed in a better bike sizing method: An approach that incorporates the rider´s height first, before making any decision on wheel size. No more tiny frames with 29" wheels or very tall riders on 26" was the idea. Luckily due to the resurrection of 650B at that time the gap between 26" and 29" wheels was filled. So distributing the three wheel sizes over frame sizes was just common sense. The first bikes we made came in size S, M and L and respectively fitted 26" / 27.5" and 29" wheels. While selling the first frames and bikes in 2013 and 2014 I recognized that three sizes are not enough to perfectly match every riders needs. In 2014 I redesigned the frames and added two more sizes, the XS and XL.

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