Making your Hylex even better


We have news for all you lucky owners of a TRP Hylex brake system: You can now make your Hylex shift with Gevenalle conversion kits! The kits include all parts needed to convert your Hylex brakes to integrated shifters. New brake levers with single mount for 1x or two mounts for 2x/3x drivetrains and shift lever(s) included for your particular derailleur type.

The retail prices in Europe are:
EUR 159,- Hylex Conversion Kit CX1 (Road compatible*)
EUR 219,- Hylex Conversion Kit CX2 (Road compatible*)
EUR 179,- Hylex Conversion Kit GX1 (MTB compatible*)
EUR 239,- Hylex Conversion Kit GX2 (MTB compatible*)
EUR 179,- Hylex Conversion Kit UX1 (Alfine compatible*)
*Shimano drivetrain

We have a few of the CX kits in stock right now and GX/UX kits coming very soon. Get in touch if you want to purchase a CX conversion kit or if you want to preorder a GX/UX kit.

Gevenalle Hylex Conversion CX2 Kit

The Prestige Cycling Cap
Handmade for Gevenalle in Portland, OR by Double Darn. These damn cool hats are sold out in the US, but hey we still have a few of them in stock.

40 Euros


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