A bike to ease my mind


This bike is special to me in many ways. The new owner will take it on a summer bike-packing trip through south-east Europe starting this week. Chris is probably packing his gear right now – but just one month ago this bike was nothing but a vague image in his mind. He had the chance to test ride one of my bikes before and instantly fell in love. So after just a few chats on the phone, he ordered a bike. Keeping an eye on the budget he wanted to spend, I finished this bike within just a week, using a mix of new parts and slightly used parts from test bikes. I was almost free in every decision and Chris trusted my advice. Everything was so easy and smooth, the communication and the building process and it eased my mind to work for him and finish this build. I think the result is beautiful. The tire choice has been made with the upcoming trip in mind. Chris will mostly be traveling on paved roads, but he has the benefit of a road plus tire that can handle the PLUS that might come his way (in and around Albania), while keeping the weight down and offering the flat protection of a tubeless system. The WTB byway 47mm tires mounted with ease on the DT Swiss Spline 2 wheels. With a different tire setup Chris will have an even more offroad capable drop bar mountain bike for his home trails and forest roads. This bike has many things to offer and can be used in so many different ways. It was built with ease and turned out perfectly. The hardest part was getting the pictures on the site. To me this one is special. Enjoy the pictures.

Getting Chris on the road less traveled

Add mudguards, bottle cages + fatter tires if desired


Half loaded

Ready for picnic in Albania